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"Know Your County"

Host: Justin Spurlock

Guest: Steve Sadler

Justin and Steve talk about Steve's business, "Bloom Day Spa" which is a full service spa located on Main Street in Downtown Dickson. They discuss the early days of the business and the future. They also talk about Steve's daughter's business the "Be Good Juice Co."

"The Old Timers Show"

Host: Justin Spurlock

Guest: Melissa Barker

Justin interviews professional genealogist and archivist Melissa Barker who works for the Houston County Archives and Museum. They talk about Melissa growing up in Dickson and Melissa gives some information on the archives and how to get started in genealogy. Melissa has a blog, "A Genealogist in the Archives."

"Know Your County"

Host: Kenneth Forte

Guest: Justin Spurlock

The owner of WDKN interviews Justin Spurlock, the new host of "Old Timer's Show" and "Know Your County." Kenneth and Justin talk about Justin's early days on the radio when he was in high school working with Warren Medley. They also talk about Justin's weekly history column in the Dickson Post.