The "Early Days of Dickson" series explores important stories from the past that may have been forgotten or never written down. While the focus is mostly historic Main Street, the stories are about the growth of the city over the years. Most stories are in chronological order and topics range from local legends to famous visitors and other key moments in local history. New articles are published every Wednesday in the Dickson Post. Available wherever newspapers are sold. All stories are written by Justin Spurlock.

Chapter 01. Mile Post 42

Chapter 02. The First Charter

Chapter 03. The Dickson College Opens

Chapter 04. The Great Fire of 1893

Chapter 05. Courthouse Controversy Part 1

Chapter 06. The Second Charter

Chapter 07. A Murder on Main Street

Chapter 08. Edison Visits Dickson

Chapter 09. Superintendent Robert Corlew

Chapter 10. The Bryan School

Chapter 11. The Patterson-Carmack Debate

Chapter 12. The Dickson College Closes

Chapter 13. The Oakmont School

Chapter 14: The Dickson County Fair

Chapter 15: Governor Tom C. Rye

Chapter 16: Highway Number One

Chapter 17: The Draft

Chapter 18: Camp Gordon

Chapter 19: The Spanish Flu

Chapter 20: The Final Battle

Chapter 21: Luke Lea & the Plot to Kidnap the Kaiser

Chapter 22: Dickson High School

Chapter 23: The Dickson Maroons

Chapter 24: Confederate Gold

Chapter 25: The Hotel Halbrook

Chapter 26: The Dixie Swatter

Chapter 27: The Courthouse Controversy Part 2

Chapter 28: The Dickson Golf Club

Chapter 29: Hampton High School

Chapter 30: Dickson County Public Library

Chapter 31: Fussell's Store

Chapter 32: Superintendent W.E. Luther

Chapter 33: Senator Caraway