Dickson High School


Registration for the new school year at Dickson High School was was scheduled for Friday Aug 3, 1945 and the first day of school was Monday August 6th, 1945. This was the same day an American B-29 dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later on Wednesday August 8th, a second B-29 dropped another a-bomb on Japan, this time on the city of Nagasaki. A week later, the Emperor of Japan announced his countries unconditional surrender in a radio address all over Japan. World War II was finally over.

Just prior to the start of the school year, an announcement was made in the Dickson Herald on July 27, 1945 by Superintendent of Schools J.M. Stuart that J.C. Taylor had been named the new Dickson High School Principal.

Mr. Taylor, who had a wife and 3 children, was from Memphis and came to Dickson "well recommended for the post." Before coming to Dickson he "held a number of major teaching posts" including teaching math classes for the Army at Ole Miss during World War II. He had been a member of the Tennessee State Textbook Commission and worked for the Office of Price Administration. His hobbies were football and hunting.

1945 Maroons Football Team

The new football coach was Doyle Smith. He had one year of experience before coming to Dickson. He had previously coached at Covington High School just north of Memphis for one season, 1940. He had graduated from DuPont High School in Old Hickory and then went on to graduate from college at MTSU in Murfreesboro. In addition to coaching the football team, he had also hired to be physical education teacher at DHS and athletic director of the Dickson city park system.

Football practice was held everyday after school. A lot of guys showed up to practice, but few had any experience. There were only 3 returning lettermen from the informal 1944 team: Donald Bowen, Billy Donegan and Stanley Overton. There had been no official football season in 1942, 1943, 1944, due to World War II, but the school had an "informal team." The 1945 squad was the first official football team in four years

There were at least 30 players training for a spot on the team.

The weakest positions were in the middle of the line.

Announced on September 7, 1945... about a month after school started.

D.H.S. First Team:

  • Harold Orgain, end

  • Slayden Baker, end

  • George Wright , tackle

  • Tommy Allsup, tackle

  • Edward Wall, guard

  • Robert Loggins, guard

  • Sammy Bishop, center

  • Donald Bowen, back

  • Arthur Crow, back

  • Billy F. Donegon, back

  • Stanley Overton, back

1945 Football Schedule

  1. Friday, 09/14/1945: Dickson (0) at Waverly (26)

First Dickson Maroons football game since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

"lightest and most inexperienced to ever wear the maroon jerseys"

lost, but did not look bad considering their weight and experience.

It was suggested in the local paper that "Coach Smith must build from the basement up."

It was also speculated in the newspaper that it "will probably be at least two years" before Dickson will "with consistent effort" "present a formidable grid eleven"

The majority of the team had never played football before.

Waverly scored 19 of their 26 points in the second half.

  1. Friday, 09/21/1945: Dickson (0) at Hohenwald (26)

Lewis County High School

after the game..

"our hopes are low for the Clarksville game, after hearing some pretty gruesome tales about the condition of their former opponents."

  1. Friday, 10/05/1945: Dickson (2) at Clarksville (75)

"Wildcats" of Clarksville High School

  1. Friday, 10/12/1945: Camden (7) at Dickson (0)

first home game of the post war era

0-3 so far this season.

50 cents for adults

30 cents for students

  1. Friday, 10/19/1945: Dickson (27) at White House (6)

First win of the season and first official team win in over four years.

  1. Friday, 10/26/1945: Centerville (19) at Dickson (12)

  1. Friday, 11/03/1945: or 11/2 Peabody (21) at Dickson (0) it rained!

  1. 11/16/1945: Dickson (0) @ Lewisburg (108)

  1. 11/28/1945 or 11/12/45?? Charlotte @ Dickson Armistice Day Game