The Podcast & Radio Show

Justin hosts the radio shows "Know Your County" and the "Old Timers Show" on WDKN Radio Saturday mornings in Downtown Dickson. He also hosts his own independent podcast that streams on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Below are some of the most popular episodes.

Coach Shelby Rye joins Justin in the studio. Coach Rye is the former Dickson County Cougars baseball coach. The baseball field at Dickson County High School was named in his honor.

Coach Dennis Fussell joins Justin in the studio. Coach Fussell is a former Dickson County Cougars football coach who served the team for 39 seasons.

Luke from "Luke's Burgers" joins Justin in the studio to talk about his new restaurant.

Coach Eve Hamilton joins Justin in the studio. Coach Hamilton is the former head basketball coach of the Dickson County Lady Cougars basketball team.

Justin interviews retiring Dickson County High School teacher Randy Sullivan who is retiring at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Randy has served as the voice of the Cougars at Dickson County Football games as well.